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Chiswick Blocked Toilet Plumbing Problems

July 29th, 2011 by

We are a local family plumbing business based in Chiswick and serving the population of Chiswick for many years. If you live in Chiswick and have had a problem with your plumbing then you will be aware of the problems that can arise.

Today we are dealing with blocked toilets. If you have a blocked toilet then try the following.

You can buy from your local DIY store a 6 inch toilet plunger that is perfect for the majority of toilets.

To use the toilet plunger simply flush the chain until the toilet bowl is about half full of water. The blockage will probably be local to the u bend and so using the plunger you can force the water into the blockage breaking it up and clearing the blockage completely. Normally if you put the plunger in to the toilet bowl and create a seal around the exit you can force the water back and forth about a dozen times and clear any blockage that may be preventing the toilet water from exiting.

If this doesn’t work then you need a plumber. we are based locally in Chiswick, and can be with you usually within an hour.

If you are also in Chiswick or the surrounding areas then give Emergency Plumbing & Drains a call now.

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