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Chiswick W4 Leaking Toilets

September 22nd, 2011 by

Everyday we are called to Leaking toilets or leaking pipes on toilets from our loyal customers in Chiswick W4.
We would like to explain to the residents of Chiswick W4 what we do when we are called out to an emergency leak on a toilet.
From the time the phone rings we are already thinking of what the plumbing problem could be. We will ask as many questions as we can on the phone about where the leak is coming from, weather you can see the leak or is it behind the toilet in a place that we cant see. Is it coming from the pan or the cistern or even in-between.
The reason for this is so that as a professional plumbing company we can come prepared with the correct spare parts and a pretty good idea of what the plumbing job will consist of. Because we are experienced, professional plumbers we will be able to give you a precise indication on the estimated price of fixing your leaking toilet.
We are based in Chiswick W4 and as we are local we aim to attend to your leaking toilet within an hour. If the toilet is leaking really badly then we can often get to you within 15 or 20 minutes minimising any damage caused by the leak.
It is because we realise the importance of your emergency that we operate locally in the Chiswick W4 area so that we can be with you as quickly as possible.
So weather your toilet is old or new, if it is leaking then give Emergency Plumbing & Drains a call now.
We can often replace a part in an old toilet making it as good as new in no time and we will always aim to leave you with a leak free toilet. Common areas for a toilet to leak from are the ball valve, inside the cistern or on where the plastic tail joins the metal nut. The Doughnut washer that seals the cistern to the pan or the pan connector at the rear of your toilet.
We aim to keep all toilets in the Chiswick W4 area leak free for many years to come.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037