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Parsons Green Plumber review

October 26th, 2011 by

I live in Parsons Green, and I also called the Emergency Plumbing & Drains service. In a morning, I woke up, and I heard a strange water noise from outside. First thing it was to investigate what it is, and I found out that my hose faucet pipe wash gushing water under my deck. It was kind a hard to choose a plumber, since are a lot here in Parson Green, but my inspiration was good, I chose Emergency Plumbing & Drains, and I do it right. From the first call to this company I was very satisfied, because the person who answered the telephone was friendly and efficient, and arranged for someone to come right away to my house. A plumber arrived, quickly diagnosed the problem (burst pipe due the freezing), and the cause (no inside shutoff valve to the hose faucet). He install the burst pipe and valves on that, and others faucet, so assure me that will not happen again. Would recommend and hire this company again to do future work.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037