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Ealing W5 / W13 Plumber talks about burst pipes

November 18th, 2011 by

We are a local, family plumbing company based in Ealing W5 / W13 area. Every year, as the weather begins to get colder we prepare ourselves for an avalanche of plumbing emergencies from customers who have not fully insulated their outdoor pipes.

As the water inside the pipes freezes it expands and having no where to go it bursts through the pipe leaving a small hole.

When the ice begins to melt our customers realise that they have a serious plumbing emergency on their hands.

Water sprays out in all directions often causing damage, especially in lofts and attics where the water can cascade down to the floors below.

If you live in Ealing W5 / W13 there is a few things you can do yourselves to prevent this. The main thing is to insulate the pipework using a foam covering that can be bought from any local hardware store. This just clips over the copper pipe and can then be sealed using standard duct tape.

If you have outdoor taps then ensure that there is an isolation valve where you can switch the water off in the colder months when it is not in use. Ensure that you leave any out door taps open so that the water has somewhere to expand too.

If you wish you can call Emergency Plumbing & Drains and as a local company based in Ealing W5 / W13 ourselves we will pop round and do the insulating for you. As they say, prevention is better than a cure.

If you do find yourself in Ealing W5 / W13 this winter with a burst pipe then feel free to call Emergency Plumbing & Drains no matter what the time. We offer a genuine 24 hour 7 day a week service.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037