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Shepherds Bush W12 Emergency Plumber Review

November 19th, 2011 by

I live in Shepherds Bush W12 and had a serious plumbing emergency at gone midnight last thursday evening. I searched the internet for plumbers in the shepherds bush W12 area and was presented with a list of plumbers. I began at the top and went through the list but one after another I was dissapointed as the plumbers didn’t answer their phones.

Shepherds Bush W12 always seems to have hundreds of plumbers but like policemen they are never there when you really need one.

Eventually I called a company called Emergency Plumbing & Drains. They answered their phone on the second ring and I was talking straight to a plumber who was also very close to Shepherds Bush W12. The plumber on the phone could not have been more helpful. He explained that he was based in Chiswick W4 and that he could get to Shepherds Bush W12 within 20 minutes.

The plumber gave me some useful advice over the phone to lessen the damage caused by the water coming through my ceiling until he could get to me.

His fast response was so appreciated. Plumbers have a reputation for being late but this plumber gave the best plumbing service I have ever heard of. He arrived within 15 minutes and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently.

He was very quick getting from Chiswick W4 to Shepherds Bush W12

I can not recommend Emergency Plumbing & Drains enough. If you have a plumbing emergency in Shepherds Bush W12 area or Chiswick W4 or any surrounding areas then give them a call immediately.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037