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How To Bleed A Radiator?

July 19th, 2012 by

There are steps you need to follow if you want to bleed your radiator accurately. It is a risky affair and needs a lot of dedicated and calculated steps. It is important to first turn off the electricity/gas supply to the boiler. This should be the first step before you venture into any other process. Importantly, you ought to cease the system from recurring. This can be done by lifting the ball valve and tying it to another place such as the timber batten that is normally located across the tank.

The next step will be to drain the entire system. Go first for the drain nozzle that is located in the lowest part of the system. This is what will enable you to take out all the water from the pipes. You can fit a hose pipe to ensure that the water is drained away safely. The next step is to bleed al the radiators. You need to make the use of a radiator key to open the bleed valves especially in the upstairs radiators. The procedure should be repeated as you move to the downstairs radiators. Once you have carried out the work of bleeding the radiator, it is important to do the reconnection process. It is time to disconnect the hose and close the drain once more.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037