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How To Unblock A Drain?

July 19th, 2012 by

Emergency plumbers are the best when you want to unblock a drain or a toilet at home. Their popularity is fast rising especially in Ealine W5. However, there comes a time when you can follow simple steps and learn how to deal with some common plumbing issues at home. Issues such as unblocking a toilet or a drain at home can be done easily if you have enough guts. I must confess that it is not an easy affair. The first step is to bail out the bowl. You should try to remove as much water as possible from the bowl. This will make it easy to use a wire/plunger in shifting and removing the blockage.

The next step is to check the drain. If you lift the cover near the toilet, you will be able to establish if there is water in the low. The blockage could also be further along the soil pipe. There are also other blockages that may come from the toilet pan. In this case, drain cleaning rods are the most appropriate. If you find out that the blockage is not in the toilet, it is important to call Emergency plumber experts for more professional help. Make use of a toilet plunger with the ability to fit into the toilet pan.


Tel: 020 3 348 8037