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September 2nd, 2012 by

Emergency plumbers have surely come to challenge the assumptions that people make about plumbing in this area. For a longtime, we have been under the hands of shoddy plumbers who mess up the entire sewer instead of fixing it. Kudos to Emergency plumber and we do not hesitate to recommend them for their excellent and unmatchable services. We called them last week concerning our burst pipes and sewers at home. Firstly, the person who received the phone call was warm and friendly. We later came to learn that it was one Mr. Adam. He was willing to take his time and note our problems and directions to our home.

Secondly, we were more than amused to see the plumbers within 15 minutes. Without a doubt, this is a very rare phenomenon that has not been seen in Earline W5 for a long time. They were quick and responsive. It was just what we needed at the desperate time.  What amused us is also the modern equipment they had. It made them take only 30 minutes to fix the burst pipes. It is a move that sets the stage for the meaningful evaluation of Emergency plumber services. We stand corrected if you have a different opinion. The best thing is to engage them when you face plumbing issues and you will experience the difference.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037