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How To Fix A Bursting Pipe?

November 28th, 2013 by

There is nothing as disturbing as a bust pipe. In fact, it is one of the conditions that you can term as a water emergency. If you have burst pipes, your home structure and your electrical wiring are not safe. The best solution is to take action immediately you notice that the pipes have busted. Emergency plumbers have the best services if you want to solve your problems accurately.

To start, you have to turn off the water supply. This is normally the place where the service pipes enter your home. The next important step is to ensure that the entire system is drained. This is easily achievable if you turn on all the cold taps. It is also advisable to flash the toilet before proceeding with the rest of the work. The water heating systems in the house must also be off when you are fixing burst pipes. Once you have shut down the water heating, you can proceed to drain the system by turning on the hot taps. Try to catch the leaking water in buckets. You can then proceed to fix the bursting pipe without much difficulty. If you are unsure about the right procedure, you can engage the services of Emergency plumber to fix the issue.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037