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How To Unclog A Blocked Kitchen Sink?

December 9th, 2013 by

Emergency plumbers in Shepherds Bush W12 do not only provide plumbing services. They also give advice especially when it comes to doing it yourself by helping with plumbing procedures. Unblocking a clogged kitchen sink is not easy. They will advice you to leave it to their experts if you are not sure of the right procedure.

The first step is always to cover the air flow. This is an important step that helps to stop the air and water from escaping. There are also sinks that have overflowing openings. You need to use a damp cloth and cover them. The next step is plunging the kitchen sink in order to unclog the debris. It is important to position the plunger appropriately if you want the best results. The tap should now be off. You need to move the plunger in an up and down manner. This is an effective motion that leaves no debris behind.

If the sink is still not cleared, it is good to seek more alternative measures. This is the time when the chemical solution comes in. The solutions are important and will help to melt away the debris that has clogged your sink. Importantly, hot water also plays a great role. However, it is advisable to clear the water before you use any chemicals.

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