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How To Lift A Manhole Cover From A Blocked Drain?

December 10th, 2013 by

Chiswick W4 has experienced a big difference since the emergence of Emergency plumber. There is now easy access to quality plumbing services that are not only reliable, but also up to the required standard. When dealing with a blocked drain, one of the major processes involved is lifting the manhole. If you do want to engage the services of Emergency plumber, you can do it yourself following simple steps.

If there is rust on the edges, a screw driver will be necessary in order to scrap around the edges. You will also need a hammer to tap the edges. There are cases where the manhole cover may refuse to come out. You may need to use some wood in order to tap the cover to give some sufficient amount of vibration. This will help a lot to release the cover from its seating. A spade is very essential in this process. You can insert it under one edge of the manhole cover to raise it. Supporting the weight is very necessary. If you place a wood under the cover, it will help a great deal.

There are special keys that will help you to raise the lid. Nonetheless, if the keys are unavailable, you can use a strong hook.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037