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How To Take Handle A Blockage In A Sink Faucet?

June 29th, 2014 by

There are many cases where a sink faucet looses pressure.  This situation has discernible impact to the entire house. It could be the cause of a faulty water pressure. The emergency plumbers in Hammersmith W6 are the best solution to fix this kind of a problem. The problem could be emerging from the aerator. You first need to check this place before you check other areas. This is normally the end of the faucet where water usually comes from. There are cases where debris and other unwanted materials gather at this place making it impossible for the water to flow. You need to open the end piece of the faucet and clean the aerator. It is an easy task to do and you may not need any experts.

The blockage could be coming from a different place a part from the aerator. This calls for thorough testing to discover where the pressure is blocking. This kind of situation implies that you must open the flexible supply lines that connect to the faucet. Most of them are grey or white in colour and it will be easy top identify them. Point the lines into an empty container and begin to turn on the water once more. This will tell you if the blockage is in the pipes once you establish that there is no pressure.

Tel: 020 3 348 8037