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What You Need To Do When Fixing A Leaking Ceramic Faucet

July 22nd, 2014 by

The procedure of fixing a ceramic leaking faucet is not difficult if you engage the services of Emergency plumber. They have the best experts you need for this job. Ceramic disk faucets are normally the most durable. However, this does not mean that they are not prone to damages. There comes a time when they experience water flow problems. They can develop leaks that become dangerous in the house if you do not fix them as fast as possible.

To start fixing the issue, you need to loosen the setscrew in order to remove the handle. This can be easily done using a hex wrench. The screws are normally located under the counter. If you are new to the job, look below the faucet and you will find the screws. After this, lift the decorative cap if you want to get to the ceramic cartridge. With the use of joint pliers, you can proceed to loosen the cartridge.

The next procedure is to remove the seals that are normally located under the cartridge. These needs to be cleaned as you remove the rings from the faucet. You can easily perform this simple procedure. If need be, engage Emergency plumbers and have your leaking faucet fixed within no time.

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